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The Difference Between Sky Q Vs. Sky HD

Posted by on May 26, 2016

Sky has recently launched its new upgraded version called the Sky Q. Sky is one of the most trusted and popular channel providers. They already had a wonderful set of channel features that included choosing your personal bundle and a very good service tech team which can be contacted through the Sky contact number or through the website. Now with the new update, it is hitting the market with an all new and energized version. There are many different changes in this new platform. But now the question is – should you upgrade.

Comparing the two platforms can get difficult as there are many news things that have been incorporated in this new design. The whole look has been revamped. The new Sky Q box is a beauty of silver colour. They have changed the look of the remote as well. In this era of touch screens, Sky has incorporated a touch screen in the remote. There are many other changes as well.

sky q

Choosing Between Ultra HD And Normal HD

The new Sky Q supports Ultra HD. If you have already purchased the new 4k series of television sets then this is definitely for you. you can be assured that your investment in a 4k TV will be definitely worth it if you are investing in the Sky Q. it will not only help you to get an amazing real life picture quality but also ensure that the health of your eyes do not get effected with its soothing colour range.

Difference In Pricing

There is a bit of difference in pricing. As expected this new update is a bit more expensive than the actual original platform. But this new update does give you access to use in two different rooms nnad two different portable devices. It has a phone app that you can use in any smart phone. Thus it is practically like you are moving around with your telephone at all times of the day.

Extra Storage Space

This new update offers you extra storage space. You do not need to worry about having to delete your old videos in order to save the new one. It offers a lot of extra space as compared to Sky HD. This will be especially helpful for big families. This extra space can be utilised to the maximum extent. You will not have to worry about missing out on any old or new video.

sky hd

More Recording Specs

You can now record as much as you want. There is a new recording spec and it is better than ever. You can now record and store all your different videos and favourite series or games. You will not have to miss out on anything even if you are not at home. You can set your TV to record them. What if you forget to set it? You can always do it from your phones!

Better Connectivity

Sky Q helps you to get connect via wi-fi, broadband and now even Bluetooth!

Thus this is definitely a very good option if you are ready to pay the little extra required for the Sky Q.

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